Tony Willenberg

Tony is an e-government transformation advisor with a broad range of information and communications technology experience across public and private spaces and in a number of sectors including: public finance, education, infrastructure, utilities, banking, agriculture, and customs. He has advised client countries for the World Bank, Department if Foreign Affairs & Trade (Australia), Department for International Development (UK), and a number of UN agencies. He has authored regional, national and sectoral ICT strategies to improve economic performance & social outcomes. His academic interests lie in technological leapfrogging and the disintermedation of governance structures. 

Tim Robinson

Tim is a consultant in public financial management and economics, who has worked for the IMF, World Bank; AfDB and other organisations; and has published working papers with the IMF, produced multiple TA reports, and written extensively on budget planning and forecasting.  His research interests include: budget planning, macro-fiscal forecasting, mechanisms of performance management and performance budgeting, government cash management and budget execution.